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Cloud-based business telephone lines

We offer a cost-effective solution with full management. It does not require expensive hardware, constant maintenance, or specialised knowledge. Just a few clicks on the ArenimTel web platform will allow you to customise your call center to fit your needs.

Our solution works in all areas
  • Upgraded call center

    Connected workplaces

  • Decrease telephone bills

    International conference calls

  • Integrated workflow management

    Telephone and CRM integration

Applications in business
Customer service

Your customer service can only be as professional as the software you do it with.
Revenue comes with customers, so serve them professionally.

Call center
Set up the call center best suited for your needs
with ArenimTel's help!
  • Order tracking, Helpdesk

    International customer service

  • Centralised call center

    Customer handling on mobile

  • Web-shop integration

    Secure customer service

Applications in customer service
Price consultation for custom applications

We don't believe in things being impossible. The most important key to the success of your business lies in your sales processes. ArenimTel helps to create the perfect telephone solution for you. We also solve those problems you didn't know you had, or didn't think were solvable - just consult with our experts!

Specialised areas covered by our custom solutions:

Lead following
Advertising campaign support
International sales
CRM/ERP driven customer service
Call center terminals (Kiosk)
Online sales support
Sales support areas
Make your communication procedures professional!
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