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We can provide you with all types of features
regardless of the type of your business
Consult us regarding your business' needs and we will plan the best customer service solution for you
Thanks to the flexibility of our systems, it can easily be adapted to suit your needs for a reasonably price
Comprehensive call center toolkit
Online management platform
Complex reports and detailed statistics
Routing, ACD, grouped call handling
Smart call handling
Call recording and archiving
Softphone software client
Online customer service functions
CRM and ERP integration
Easy customisation
Pay as you go
Mobile call handling at any time, any place

The ArenimTel Mobile Call Center provides a solution for the situations where you want a call to be handled by an agent who is on the move or not in the office, and could otherwise not receive it.

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Mobile call center
ArenimTel Web Plugin

Online customer service

You can provide the latest web-based digital channels (voice and video) to your clients with the help of the ArenimTel online call center plugin, and you can also support your browsing clients with the enabled screen sharing.

Your partners and clients can call your call center from your webpage with the help of the web-based call center built in plugin.

You will not need to change your call center's processes, but the operational cost of your customer service will decrease, you can increase the efficiency of your customer service, and you can also manage your customer care with higher security level.

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Features offered by ArenimTel web-based customer service
Voice and video calls from the browser
Comfortable, quick calls
Voice menu routing to the webpage
Easy integration
Compatible with your existing call center
Call distribution based on context
Web-based screen sharing
Web browsing together with the client
Quick client authentication
Tailored customer care
Maximum security
100% secure communication
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Secure customer service with protection against interception

Our secure call center service provides complete protection against interception and guarantees the security of any sensitive information exchanged during conversation. We recommend it for any businesses that deal with sensitive information (eg. financial, medical, or legal services).

Secure call center

Encrypted sound and video channels
accessible in the browser

Complex protection
from wiretaps and data theft

Easy integration, fully compatible with the most popular call center providers

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