Helpdesk, Order Processing

The ArenimTel system allows you to make your helpdesk and registeration of orders more efficient:

Healthcare customer services

ArenimTel is the leading call center provider in the private healthcare field. More than 150 private clinics use our services, which we have been completing with special features according to real client demands for years now.

International customer service

Clients from foreign countries expect localized customer service in their native language, therefore having your customer service accessible for domestic rates in any language can be an important asset to your business.

  • With the ArenimTel service, you will have local numbers and call center services available from 65 countries and 5000 cities.
  • You can set the language of the automatic greeting tone (IVR) to change based on the country ID of the client calling.
  • You can place outbound calls at low fares.
Customer care for financial services

Operations of call centers are heavily regulated in the financial sector. ArenimTel follows the EU Act regarding the sensitive information of credit institutions and financial enterprises. In addition to complying with the regulation, ArenimTel also enhances a better customer experience with functions such as handling opening times, call recording and storing, e-mail notifications about missed calls, and access to comprehensive statistical reports.

"Mission critical" customer service

If customer service is critical to your business, even few minutes long downtime is unacceptable and must be avoided. ArenimTel guarantees 99.95 uptime, although the actual figure was more than 99.98% in the last years.

Mobile call center
Customer service on your mobile

ArenimTel's mobile call center is accessible on mobile in the case when the agent to whom a particular call is directed is out of the office or does not have access to a landline at that moment.

Customers need to call the well-known customer service number as usual, the call will be redirected, to the agents' mobile phones. One customer service number can be linked to several mobile numbers, and the call is taken by the first available agent. ArenimTel notifies the agents that the call has been routed from the customer service line.

Agents are notified about the missed calls. The customer can also leave a voice message, which will be received by all agents connected to the customer service number.

All calls received on a mobile are recorded and can be played back for quality assurance purposes.

ArenimTel Web Plugin
Webshop integration

ArenimTel's webshop service can be integrated with webshop engines and connected to customer service lines to ensure quick response time and efficient customer support.

  • Calls made through the website can be directed to the proper agent depending on the webpage the client is browsing at that given moment, allowing the client to skip the IVR and get straight to a specialist who deals with that particular area or product.
  • If a client logs in to the webshop with login and password, will be directed to the customer service after an identification, thus a much more personalized customer experience is enabled.
  • After the identification of the client, the agent taking the call will already know about the situation the client is likely to be in, and can quickly solve the problem.
  • If the customer is authenticated, all information will be maintained secure and confidential.
Secure customer service

ArenimTel secures its data on four levels, covering the complete process of customer service.

Secure data storage: Recorded and archived calls are stored in a secure location, making it accessible only for the customer. Every access and retrieval is verified and logged to prevent data theft.

Secure data access: customized access levels can be created for your agents. Depending on the agents' role, each agent can be assigned with a security level according to its importance.

Security between endpoints and server: The ArenimTel system has been established in such a way that when two parties are in a telephone call in the Minerva Tel system, it is inaccessible to any third party listeners. All calls between the clients' phone and the ArenimTel system go through an encrypted channel.

Securing calls: ArenimTel's secure call center solution makes it possible to communicate with customers using encrypted sound and video channels.

The ArenimTel service complies with the MIFID II standard.

Distributed or centralized call center
Businesses operating in several offices or sites can increase the efficiency of their call centers
with the best resource allocation.

Centralized call center

We recommend the use of a centralized call center if customer service colleagues at different locations deal with significantly different workload or the utilization of the colleagues dedicated to accept customer calls is low. In this case, all calls go to the same customer service number, and are directed to the first available agent.

Distributed call center

We recommend distributed call centers for clients where agents have different specializations operating in different locations. Customers calling the central customer care line are directed to the right specialist using a smart voice menu system. This system is also useful for directing calls to certain agents regardless of which location they work at.

Customer service quality assurance

To enable a high-performance customer service, reviewing, measuring and analyzing the current processes is a must. To all calls initiated from and received by the ArenimTel system, call recordings and statistical reports ensure to reach the maximum efficiency of all components of the system.

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