Follow up on leads

In order to ease the lead follow up, a directory can be created for listing potential clients and allocate them to certain agents, thus, it is easier to trace back or report who talked to the client and how many calls were placed. It makes the pre-sales and sales process more transparent and efficient.

Support of Campaigns

All date stored in the ArenimTel - call dates, call history, etc... - can be connected to your CRM or ERP system with an interface. Using this information, you can create better advertising campaigns and make sales processes more effective.

Customers with their details registered in a CRM system can be called right from their profile with a single click (click to call), their call history can be followed up and can be built in in special campaigns.

International sales

Foreign customers expect local customer service. It makes the company look prestigious if clients can call a local number with local fares and receive answers in their native language.

  • With the ArenimTel service, your call center can use local numbers of 65 countries and 5000 cities.
  • IVR can be set to automatically choose language based on the country of the caller's number, therefore a caller from Germany will always be greeted in German.
  • Outgoing calls can be initiated with low rates.
CRM-driven processes

ArenimTel is compatible with several CRM systems, and can automatically include information about calls in the customer' profiles.

Advantages of integration:

  • You can reduce the cost of the administration significantly. After terminating calls, they become available in the CRM at the relevant client's account.
  • If you can look up relevant information of a specific a client, you can easily prepare for upcoming calls.
  • You can call any of your partners with a single click in the CRM system.
Online customer service - Co-browsing

You can support your customers effortlessly with the co-browsing feature. By sharing their screen you can follow where they are browsing at the moment and can help them easily if they are stuck at a certain point of the purchase process.

The customer does not have to download any application, simply let you know about an ID appearing on the screen and the connection between you and the client builds up in a second. Both channel and data transfer are encrypted.

The customer service agent will only see the shared webpage, no other open app is visible during the screen sharing.

You can identify your client based on the caller's number, thus you can support the client with a customized help, minimizing the time of the support and also saying goodbye to a satisfied and happy client at the end of the conversation.

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