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Cloud-based PBX

ArenimTel offers a fully functional virtual PBX:

Monthly billing without investment
or loyalty time
Flexible customization, user friendly application, maximum security

Functions and details
Customer service from the cloud

You can receive access to our cloud-based call center service within 24 hours after paying the advance fee. Regardless of the complexity of your existing customer support system, ArenimTel can be installed quickly, and does not require special training for the agents.

  • Flexible payment

    Quick implementation

  • Professional customer support

    Comprehensive control and quality assurance

  • Monthly flat rate fee

    No invesment

Functions and details
Consolidate your mobile and landline communication
Reduce your telephone costs
  • Choose the right telecommunication service for your needs

    Choose the best carrier for your call center and telephony solutions, or connect your existing phone numbers with reduced monthly and per-minute charges.

    Choose between the offers of our carrier partners and reduce your telephone bills.

  • Subscribe for telephone services in place for 65 countries

    Subscriptions are available in 65 countries and 5000 cities, up to 120 channels per line.

    • Phone numbers with global coverage
    • Accept all incoming calls without any cost
    • Call any number at domestic rates
  • Virtual GSM adapter
    Mobile Trunk service

    The ArenimTel mobile trunk system integrates with most of the carriers.

    Enjoy the benefits of high-quality virtual telephone lines, cheap per-minute charges, and the included services.

Our carrier partners:

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Custom solutions
Special features

Custom built-in functions
and implementation

We can create and implement custom functions upon request. Because of the modular design of our service, we can fulfil your requirements in a cost-effective way.

Flexible deployment

The number of endpoints can be changed to suit the workload of your business - you can add or remove extensions and enable or disable functions on a month-by-month basis.

Pay as you go
Custom solutions
Make your communication procedures professional!
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