Don't navigate blind
See what your clients see

Help your customers with the ArenimTel cooperative browsing function while they are shopping or arranging administration on your site. Call center agents will be able to see where customers are browsing on your site with the mirroring function thus raising your online services to a premium level.
customer experience
Implementable with
a single line of code
Works with
any browser
Completely secure
and reliable
Connect your IT systems with your telephony processes

CTI integration - CRM connector

Connect your IT systems to your telephony system in order to reach maximum efficiency. With ArenimTel integrated to your system, you can connect, control, and archive call center processes to your ERP.

Screen Pop

Find out who's calling before
you even pick up the phone

With our Screen Pop function, incoming callers' data, history and CRM notes are fetched from a database and displayed on the screen of the agent taking the call. This allows agents to create a support ticket or CRM entry very quickly.

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Professional software
instead of expensive hardware

Using Minerva softphone - a software based telephone client installed on computer - you will not need to purchase any expensive hardware.

It can be easily installed on the agent's PC remotely and the necessary settings can also be configured offsite. With the Sofphone you can initiate and receive calls with a user friendly menu system. It is easy to integrate with other apps (company phone book, CRM, ERP systems, etc...), the user dashboards can be configured, changed upon request.

We provide the ArenimTel client for free for all clients signing long term contract with us.


Complies with all telecommunication requirements:

  • Peer-to-peer calling
  • Complete encryption
  • Secure authentication
  • Proxy support
  • HD sound quality
  • NAT/Firewall support
  • TCP and TLS transport
  • Secure RTP mode
  • QoS support
  • Packet loss concealment (PLC)
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Text messages
  • Presence
  • DTMF Support
  • STUN, ICE, TURN support
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Conference call
using your browser

Using the ArenimTel's web-based conference call software, you can easily and securely communicate with your partners. Calls with many participants can be arranged without any additional connection charges.

Conference calls

No dialing is necessary

No need to call a number, you can simply open the conference call with a link.

No per minute fees

Regardless of location, participants can access the call for free if they are online.

Completely secure

The service is fully customizable, and caters to all expectations and standards.

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Make your communication more professional
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