PBX upgrade

Once you install ArenimTel, your business will always be assisted by the latest technology.

If your current analog or ISDN telephone exchange is hard to maintain, is not able to fulfill its purpose, or would be too expensive to upgrade, switch to ArenimTel.

Instead of a time-consuming and expensive installation, choose our cloud-based service.

One of the main advantages of a cloud-based system is that from the moment it is implemented, new updates will constantly become available. A few years later, when the technology and the needs of the company have changed, there will be no need to replace the complete telephony system of your business.

Connecting remote offices

An up-to-date telephony system does not only benefit your customers, but also makes your internal communications more effective. With the ArenimTel system, you will be able to connect offices and remote workplaces that are in different locations.

Calls between ArenimTel endpoints are free of charge, allowing you to save significant costs.

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Decreasing telephone costs

Decreasing domestic and international telephone costs

Choose the package that suits you best from our service provider partners; Or use the ArenimTel services with your already existing service provider. You can also keep your current provider and telephone numbers.

Mobile trunk service

The ArenimTel system is compatible with most mobile carriers. Replace your expensive and limited GSM adapter with a premium quality virtual mobile trunk, enjoy the low rates and all related services.

International telephone conference
Companies operating in multiple countries, or with partners spread around the globe, can engage in secure conference calls with excellent sound quality using the ArenimTel service. Outbound calls are charged per second (instead of minutes), and have no connection fee.
Conference calls can be set up with a toll free numbers (800) that are free to use for the participants.
You can initiate conference calls for free with the ArenimTel web plugin.
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ArenimTel Web Plugin

Initiate calls from your webpage

Clients visiting to your website or online shop can easily get in touch with you using ArenimTel's in-browser telephone call plugin. The call, which is IP-based, puts the potential customer in contact with you for free.

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